In the beginning

Don’t give up. That is what I keep telling myself. Just write. Find the time. Do NaNoWriMo. Stop playing Candy Crush Saga and write, write, write. I’m sure every writer has these issues. In fact I know they do, there are blogs full of their lamentations, including the time suck that is CCS.

Today I bought some software for my iPad mini to use for writing. A cool application that I hope helps me organise my thoughts and writing. Why choose my iPad mini to work on? I am addicted to it. I listen to books from Audible, check Facebook, email, browse, play CCS, read my feeds, read comics, read ebooks I can’t get audio books for, and now blog from. It goes with me everywhere so why not use it to write on. One more reason to love it.

In the writing application department I would have chosen scrivener but there isn’t a version for iPad. Blah very annoying. I am going to use something called Manuscript which so far has been great for setting everything out. I will let you know how it goes as I spend more time working with it.

Good night and good luck fellow writers


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