What is real writing?

Tangible. That is how using the Manuscript iPad application makes me feel about writing my first novel. It has become tangible. I have character descriptions, chapters, research tools and a book graphic I open that has my name and manuscript title on. I have a real relationship with what I am creating, it feels real. I spent last night writing instead of playing Candy Crush Saga. I still sat on the couch, with my partner after the end of the day. Everyone fed, kids in bed, adults winding down. And it felt good.

I finally gave myself permission to just write. I have done as much outlining as I felt I needed to and so I am doing the fun part. Writing. I have given myself permission to not have a word count. I don’t have to write 2000 words a day. Writing is not my full-time job. I have a full-time job that I love and pays the bills better than most writing jobs do. But I still have this urge to write. It’s an urge I have had since childhood.

Turns out giving myself permission to write at my own pace, in my own time is all I needed to do. Trying to live up to other peoples goals and expectations gave me writers block. I wanted to approach writing as a professional does, not like it is a hobby, and it didn’t feel like I could take pride in what I wrote if it didn’t meet some professional standard. Bah Humbug. From what I have read Stieg Larsson wrote his books at night for fun. He thought about them, loved them. I want that experience. No I don’t think that will bring me the same level of success. I do expect that I will produce the best manuscript I am capable of. This is not a race, it is fulfilling a passion.


2 thoughts on “What is real writing?

    • I have thought about it and I completely disagree with you. If you go and have a look at what meta-procrastination is you will find that actually writing and activities supporting your writing such as developing characters and working on your manuscripts structure is really working on your creative piece of work.

      Yes if all you do is tinker with a tool and never write anything you would be correct. That is not what I wrote though.

      Definition – http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Metaprocrastination

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