Outsiders view of the Sad Puppies

When attending Swancon this year I went to John Scalzis  Guest of Honour speech. The Hugo nominations were due out that day and he mentioned that he would refrain from commenting on them for the moment. I remember thinking ‘uh ok?’

Later reading his blog I started to get my introduction to what had happened to this years nominations. Short version of which is that some people got together and pushed their own slate of hopeful Hugo nominees.

My first thought every previous year, when checking out who is nominated, is all about seeing if anything I have read that year has been nominated. I come across authors in all sorts of ways, from seeing a review, random chance and friend recommendations. It is always interesting to me, that with so much great work available where the cross over is. I read around 30-40 books a year, most of which are sci-fi/fantasy, so its nice to know out of what I read which are those that others also got into and loved.

I really don’t see the Hugos as who has the best written or even most popular but who after all we have read stayed with us. Which ones stick in your mind when staring at the blank ballot paper.

So back to the Sad Puppies. Clearly what they think when staring at the blank ballot paper is who do they think is deserving. Nope, sorry, this is not how I want to vote. A big sorry to the authors whose work got caught up in this. I will be ignoring their place on the ballot and voting for the ones I loved. Admittedly none of the Sad Puppy nominees were authors I knew anyway. Now I am even less likely to even bother with their works in the Hugo Packet. It has just left such a bad feeling around the whole process.

So anyway that is my two satoshis worth.


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