New Year, New Plans

Big Sigh. Yep NaNoWriMo was a big FAIL. I was sick the week before and after a great start on day one I just couldn’t figure out where I was going. So after spending a week not writing I decided to try to figure out what the problem was and start dealing with that. The short answer, after some soul searching and research, is that I needed a very detailed plan to cope with such a big daily word output.

This then led to the realization that I didn’t know how to do that, at least not in a way that I was happy with, so I started researching. Firstly I came across Rock Your Plot and purchased the ebook and audio book. There is also a great website with further resources. Then I added to what I learned there with a great post on Advance Fiction Writing. Between these two sites I had created a spreadsheet to start filling out scene by scene.

The next road block I faced was when looking at all the scenes/sequences that I needed to sketch out. I turned to Jim Butcher’s series of posts on Live Journal (he writes the series The Dresden Files) for some advice. Might as well go to a professional whose work I love. His posts made a lot of sense but I still needed something more.

Digging deeper I started to read Story Structure Architect. This had 55 dramatic situations to delve into and now I was starting to get my head around how to weave my story and manage subplots.

There is still much reading and work to do but now I have the beginnings of a structure to weave a story around.

Happy Writing 🙂




Zombies Zombies Zombies

Writing requires reading. Consuming as much of other peoples work as I can. To this end I have invested many hours listening to unabridged audio books. This in part after reading Stephen Kings On Writing. If it’s good enough for Mr King, who manages to read about 90 books a year, some of them audio, then its good enough for me. The only issue I have is getting hold of titles that aren’t available in Australia. I have a very generous American friend who provided me with a US address, so I can now get hold of the final book from the Newsflesh trilogy, Blackout. This is an awesome trilogy about zombies, blogging, politics and conspiracy, what’s not to love? I am planning on spending my next audible credit on this and can hardly wait. Thanks to Audible for the credit countdown on your site. So 7 days from now I will be in Zombie ecstasy.

This has clearly become the confessions of a zombie lover. A couple of weeks ago I was encouraged to listen to World War Z as an audio book by John Birmingham over at cheeseburgergothic (love his sites name). I did not need any encouragement but John is running a book club and now I get to look forward to chatting about the book, in particular how the book lends itself to the audio version, this weekend. I will be the one diving into my iPad when no one is looking, spouse, kids etc to read comments and add my own. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and wouldn’t be without them but I also have a need to talk to a bunch of strangers about subjects that quite frankly don’t interest the average adult.

So read, read, read I will with the luxury of audio books in the car and explore my zombie passion for ever more.

Good night and good luck fellow writers