Turning that great idea into a story

That really is the first part isn’t it. You have this great idea and it seems cool and interesting. If you read something like this on the back of a book you would buy it, so then you start writing the back blurb, think about character development, what is the actual conflict, plot points and possible scene breakdowns. Your relaxing shower is now not so relaxing, Oh that’s right this shit is work. What was a fun thought in your head, while enjoying your five minutes of peace known commonly as a morning shower, starts looking like months or years of work.

This is the mental Ferris wheel my mind keeps doing. I started searching around the internet for information on how my favorite authors managed to write while still having a day job that wasn’t writing.  What I found was that Charles Stross managed to write one novel in 3 years while working full time although Seanan McGuire manages 3 novels a year, neither of them have 2 kids. So maybe I need to get used to the idea that this really is just a hobby for me as I have a full life.

That said I still want to write and am drawn to working on the process of novel writing. So then I guess that I just have to be patient with myself and plod along. The path may be slow and steep but that will no doubt make that first time I am published all the sweeter.

The ideas keep coming and I am taking the time to write them down. I found a new book about writing – Million Dollar Outlines – David Farland. This had quite a few ‘a ha’ moments for me. I am collecting a good number of references that help in crafting an outline. Each day is about taking one more step in turning those ideas into finished manuscripts..

Happy Writing 🙂




New Year, New Plans

Big Sigh. Yep NaNoWriMo was a big FAIL. I was sick the week before and after a great start on day one I just couldn’t figure out where I was going. So after spending a week not writing I decided to try to figure out what the problem was and start dealing with that. The short answer, after some soul searching and research, is that I needed a very detailed plan to cope with such a big daily word output.

This then led to the realization that I didn’t know how to do that, at least not in a way that I was happy with, so I started researching. Firstly I came across Rock Your Plot and purchased the ebook and audio book. There is also a great website with further resources. Then I added to what I learned there with a great post on Advance Fiction Writing. Between these two sites I had created a spreadsheet to start filling out scene by scene.

The next road block I faced was when looking at all the scenes/sequences that I needed to sketch out. I turned to Jim Butcher’s series of posts on Live Journal (he writes the series The Dresden Files) for some advice. Might as well go to a professional whose work I love. His posts made a lot of sense but I still needed something more.

Digging deeper I started to read Story Structure Architect. This had 55 dramatic situations to delve into and now I was starting to get my head around how to weave my story and manage subplots.

There is still much reading and work to do but now I have the beginnings of a structure to weave a story around.

Happy Writing 🙂



Short Story Plan

Ok, been a busy week at work and home but I wanted to put this plan out there. I ended up breaking my original plan down to a 10th its size. I will attempt to use it to start writing next week and although I may not do this day by day I will try to write the word count on the days I do write. I will post a diary for how this goes. If I did manage to do it each day it would take 10 days but I don’t know that I can fit that in. I am thinking that every every second or third day will be more likely. We’ll see.

The Plan

Beat Beat Beat Daily Word Count
Opening Image:50 Theme Stated:50 Set-up:400 500
Catalyst:100 Debate:400 500
Debate:200 Break into Two:50 B Story:250 500
Fun and Games:500 500
Fun and Games:500 500
Fun and Games:200 Midpoint:50 Bad Guys Close In:250 500
Bad Guys Close In:200 All is Lost:50 Dark Night of the Soul:250 500
Dark Night of the Soul:200 Break Into Three:50 Finale:250 500
Finale:500 500
Finale:450 Final Image:50 500

Good luck and good night 🙂