Turning that great idea into a story

That really is the first part isn’t it. You have this great idea and it seems cool and interesting. If you read something like this on the back of a book you would buy it, so then you start writing the back blurb, think about character development, what is the actual conflict, plot points and possible scene breakdowns. Your relaxing shower is now not so relaxing, Oh that’s right this shit is work. What was a fun thought in your head, while enjoying your five minutes of peace known commonly as a morning shower, starts looking like months or years of work.

This is the mental Ferris wheel my mind keeps doing. I started searching around the internet for information on how my favorite authors managed to write while still having a day job that wasn’t writing.  What I found was that Charles Stross managed to write one novel in 3 years while working full time although Seanan McGuire manages 3 novels a year, neither of them have 2 kids. So maybe I need to get used to the idea that this really is just a hobby for me as I have a full life.

That said I still want to write and am drawn to working on the process of novel writing. So then I guess that I just have to be patient with myself and plod along. The path may be slow and steep but that will no doubt make that first time I am published all the sweeter.

The ideas keep coming and I am taking the time to write them down. I found a new book about writing – Million Dollar Outlines – David Farland. This had quite a few ‘a ha’ moments for me. I am collecting a good number of references that help in crafting an outline. Each day is about taking one more step in turning those ideas into finished manuscripts..

Happy Writing 🙂